Electric Popcorn Popper
Electric Popcorn Popper
Electric Popcorn Popper

Electric Popcorn Popper

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Make your favorite movie night treat in just a minute. Our Electric Popcorn Popper is easy to use – add the kernels with the built-in measuring cup, plug it in and let the fun begin. Everyone can have their own bowl of popcorn, as this popper makes 16 cups per batch. With an air popper, you can customize the flavor by adjusting the seasonings to your liking or have it plain for a low-calorie snack.


  • Mini size desktop popcorn maker, easy to use and easy to clean.
  • Electric hot air popping system, healthy oil-free popping.
  • Aluminum heat chamber design for quick popping.
  • With a transparent top cover for preventing scalded by water vapor.
    • Material: Plastic, Aluminum
    • Preparation Time: 2 to 4 minutes
    • Power (W): 500w
    • Voltage (V): 220V
    • Capacity: 100g
    • Color: Burgundy

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Popcorn machine
    • 1 x Manual

      Note: Please read the instruction before using. Children should be accompanied by parents when using the machine.

      Tips: After the popcorn being done, you can add some milk, cream, chocolate, sugar, salt, ketchup or any other flavoring you like. Then, you can taste many different delicious popcorns. Enjoy your DIY popcorns now.



      Please note that Shipping Time will take approximately 3-4 weeks.

      1. Open the transparent cover to the machine into the corn kernels. (This flavor popcorn machine can only do not put other spices, so just put a small corn on OK) 2. Replace the transparent cover and close the spoon handle. 3. Place the container in front of the popcorn machine popcorn exports to install. 4. about 2 - 3 minutes after the popcorn started blowing from the opening. 5. When the popcorn machine corn liner no explosion sound, should immediately turn off the switch. Remove the upper body (hot surfaces should be avoided to prevent burns), with hands around the lower body, the remaining popcorn into the container. 6. Add all kinds of condiments (jam, ketchup, butter, milk, etc.) you can eat 7. If you continue to popcorn 2 times, then every burst must be spaced at least 10 minutes between flowers. Precautions 1. Before use, please read the instructions carefully. 2. popcorn machine in the course of their work, do not touch the interior surface temperature is higher. 3. Prohibition of the power cord, plug or other parts popcorn machine immersed in water to prevent damage to the machine and electric shock. 4. found that when using a popcorn machine power cord is damaged, stop using, you should contact professional service personnel or sent to the manufacturer for repair. 5. Use the correct popcorn machines and accessories, to avoid the artificial operation and cause a fire or injury. 6. Use the plug must be pulled out of the socket before cleaning or since, until cool before installing or removing attachments. 7. Move or overhaul popcorn machine, you should unplug the power cord, and other popcorn machines to cool before moving, or servicing. 8. When using the popcorn machine, cannot add water, oil and other additives in corn, in order to avoid damage to the machine parts. 9. popcorn machine at work, you can not remove the upper body, in order to avoid flying popcorn or hot surface burns. 10. Avoid metal brush to clean popcorn machine, popcorn machine to avoid damage to the inner and outer surface of the protective layer. 11. The glass, metal objects and other items will not be processed into the liner popcorn machine to avoid fire or danger. 12. popcorn machine should not be placed in cardboard, plastic, paper and so on use to avoid fire. 13. When finished using the popcorn machine should switch to the "off" (OFF) position. 14. Do not use outdoors popcorn machine should be placed in a dry environment. 15. A popcorn machine is intended for home use. 16. Use shall not leave, prohibited the use of children.

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